Challenge Yourself

Last year I (and several others in the studio) took part in a national jewelry making challenge, the 2018 Earring Challenge. The goal was to make 52 pair, one pair each week, and to post a new pair every Monday on social media. It could have been very simple but I added a few more parameters. For me personally the challenge was to make a unique pair of interesting, light weight earrings from materials I already owned. It was a perfect challenge for me; it got me into the studio regularly, forced me to be decisive and to finish projects. Every pair I made is below.

This year Danaca Design wants to challenge you! Our challenge (should you choose to accept it) is titled Charmed 2019. The goal is to create a minimum of one unique charm per month to be added to a bracelet (or necklace), to be presented in a show in the gallery at Danaca Design in 2020!

The Rules are basic. You must fabricate your charms (no prefabricated, purchased charms). You may use any materials or process. Each bracelet must have a theme, conceptual or technical, with each charm somehow relating to the others. If you would like to participate simply start. Please post your images to social media using the hashtags #charmed2019 #charmbraceletchallenge #charmbracelet2019 and tag Danaca Design so we know when you post.

We’ve started a Facebook group for images and discussions: charmbracletechallenge2019.

Check out Wikipedia for some inspiration:

Looking forward to seeing what we all come up with!