Seth Moreno

Title of Ring:
7th Wave
aquamarine, colombian emerald, tsavorite garnet, white topaz, black spinel, tanzanite, sterling silver, titanium
5 1/2, 7
27mm, 4mm band
Artist Statement:
My name is Seth Moreno – I started wire wrapping in 2011 when I quickly developed a passion for crystals, gems, and minerals. I immediately wanted to wear different stones, so I looked up a simple wire wrapping tutorial on YouTube, and since then my passion for gems and jewelry has only snowballed. This piece is my first attempt at a double-finger ring, I visualized the construction of the band, yet had no idea how I was going to materialize the aesthetics of the piece. By the nature in which I work, I know very little about how the outcome will look – I typically just start somewhere on the piece, and one step at a time, one wire at a time, and usually one stone at a time things seem to fall into place. I’ve taken this as a lesson applicable to life.. Starting from where you’re at with trust, accepting the unknown, and doing what you can from there.. This piece was completed on New Year’s Eve of 2019 and has acted as an impetus for further explorations in this style leading into 2020.

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