Seth Bitting

Chrysocolla Spring Ring
sterling silver, brass, chrysocolla, amethyst
6 1/2
24 mm x 24 mm x 26 mm, 2mm band
Artist Statement:
Hello my name is Seth, my wife and myself live in New Orleans and make jewelry as Mettle and Silver. We both studied at the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing and have been making jewelry together for 4 years. This ring echos the bright colors and cooler temperatures of spring with bright yellow brass and the cool robins egg blue chrysocolla and royal purple amethyst with a hint of retro styling. Complimentary shapes in the stone and the band wraps round the finger, and frame both stones. The chrysocolla is held in place with a traditional bezel setting and notched into the brass that also lines the mesh panel holding the amethyst. This ring is hand fabricated from silver recycled in house.

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