Andy Cooperman

The Original Imaginative Captures

They used to call me– Andy Cooperman– “The Crusher” for my heavy hand in stone setting. I had to find a new way to include stones without breaking them. What began as a work-around became a way of working: This is Capturing. If you’re tired of manufactured prongs and bezels; If you just can’t find an elegant way to incorporate that special stone, enamel sample or little found treasure into your work; If you just need to shake things up, then Imaginative Captures is for you! This information-packed workshop is full of tips and tricks and can help you develop new, more integrated setting (capturing) solutions and break down some of the rigid walls that exist between ideas, process and materials. We’ll get up close and personal with the flex shaft, soldering, riveting and cold connecting. Participants must have basic jewelry skills and experience with the rolling mill, torches, hammers, buffers, etc. Required skills include drilling with the flex shaft machine, sawing, filing, silver soldering and basic bezel setting. Those who enroll must be able to solder unattended.