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Creating Stone Settings: Baskets and Bezel Blocks

This class combines two of the most requested stone setting projects: how to make your own basket settings and how to use a bezel block. Participants in this workshop will not only learn how to fabricate these settings but will also how learn how to set round and oval faceted stones into them. First, a series of exercises teaching the core principles of stone setting will be offered before moving into how to use jigs to simplify the basket setting fabrication process. Tips on how to build your own jigs for custom sizes will also be presented. You will learn how to solder these settings together but also how a precision arc welder can simplify the process. Second, making a tapered tube setting can be frustrating using traditional methods. Bezel blocks make the process be super easy! Students will learn how to use a bezel block to create complicated settings in minutes with very little effort. Bezel blocks can be used to make bezel settings, tapered tubes, prong settings and wax settings for casting. Participants will have the option to make a finished pendant or ring with the settings that are created. This class is open to beginners, but basic metalworking and soldering experience is required.