Cold Connections: Beyond Rivets


Do you work primarily in copper, brass, silver or even 14K white or yellow gold? Are you tired of constantly cleaning up fire-scale after soldering? Do you want to learn a faster, cleaner but equally durable way of joining two pieces of metal together? If so, this workshop is a must! Learn how to create flat, domed, tube, hinge, and seamless flush rivets. You will also learn how to use micro tap and dies to create your own custom nuts and bolts, and how to utilize small tabs to fold over and attach one piece of metal to another. Best of all, these cold joining techniques can also be used as decorative elements on finished pieces—truly marrying form and function. Learn to master these techniques and discover how you might incorporate them into your work by designing a piece of jewelry or other articulated object. Basic jewelry making skills helpful, soldering not necessary.

Basic materials included