Forged ring, Andy Cooperman "Stinger"

Bang & Bend: Forged Rings

Forging–moving metal with a hammer– lies at the very heart of metalsmithing and is one of its most joyful processes.  A forged object can be uniquely sculptural and expressive.

This 3-day class will explore small-scale forging, focusing on rings. We’ll get our feet wet hammering copper or brass rod and then move into sterling with the goal of finishing at least one wearable ring. Time permitting, we can even melt clean (solder free) sterling scrap into ingots and forge from there. The skills learned here can be applied to different metals, scales and objects.

Topics include simple model making, tapering, clean up and alternative methods.

Students must have basic skills and be able to file, use the flex shaft, solder and anneal.

Materials Fee $20 payable to instructor, cash or check

(w/ option to purchase additional materials)