Beetle teapot, woven metal, Jeanie Pratt

Advanced Designs in Woven Metal

This workshop is a continuation of the 3 day beginning Designs in Metal Workshop You will have an opportunity to try new weave structures—pick a new pattern or two from your handout OR one of the new bonus patterns to be provided with your registration. More advanced soldering techniques will be covered, including soldering a shaped liner onto flat woven sheet and then forming it. This creates a woven bare edge (great for earrings!) and is a step in making a disc bead. Please bring a woven sheet of metal to practice soldering–one from your previous workshop OR one you did at home. A plain woven or 2-2 twill sheet would work fine. The supply list is the same as for the beginning Designs in Woven Metal Workshop. You are welcome to contact me about picking a new design. If you prefer working in silver, I can guide you about how much wire to bring. Ample amounts of a variety of gauges of copper wire will be available. There is no materials fee for this class if students bring the kit parts from the previous class.