Jessica Larsen

Sterling silver, fine silver, Australian opal triplet cabochon
band width is 9 mm, the setting is 2 cm by 1.5 cm, the stone is 6mm round
Artist Statement:
Tarn – A small mountain lake found in a glacier-scoured cirque or valley.

Hi – My name is Jessica. I operate a tiny jewelry studio deep in the heart of Alaska. I made this ring after the tiny and vivid-colored small lakes, called tarns, that are found high in the glacier-carved valleys that are so common in my state. A tarn is like a sparkling gem found after a long, hard, steep hike!

Alaskans are resourceful. This ring was made by re-purposing silver from old projects that needed new life. The “glacial valley” background for the opal cabochon is made from hand-reticulated sterling silver. The band is made from reticulated and then hammered sterling silver, making the unique rock-like texture. I used a hard boiled egg to make the patina because I cannot get Silver Black shipped to AK. The cabochon is a 6mm triplet, featuring a slab of Australian opal capped with a clear quartz dome, and backed by an onyx sheet. The shank is stamped with the 925 hallmark and a tiny little North Star

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