Dayne Keller

Title of Ring:
The Smack Daddy
sterling, fine silver, iron pyrite
Dimensions :
23 mm x 35 mm
Artist Statement:
I am a metal Smith located in Denver, I started my journey in metal work at 14, I chose this pattern because it reminds me of my mother and her love for the American West and native Jewelry and her ancestors. I chose Iron Pyrite because of its natural beauty, and to open a discussion about ethical mining. Pyrite is mined for it’s natural beauty but is often a discarded byproduct in gold mining and other mineral resourcing, when it is improperly disposed of it can leach arsenic into local ground water. Bringing awareness to where industries source materials is very important, and I hope that as Jewelers and Jewelry lovers we can bring awareness and change for ethical and fair resourcing for a greater experience for all the people involved.

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