Dean Stith

Head in the Clouds
sterling silver, CZ
5.7mm x 21mm, 3mm band
Artist Statement:
At VINTAGLIO we value the craft of jewelry making above all else. We are first and foremost creators. Using hot wax, molten metal, torches, hammers, (and a glass of bourbon) we form one-of-kind gold and sterling pieces of the highest quality.
We are a “study” in wax. While we love metal, wax is our favorite medium so all of our jewelry is crafted from hand-worked wax.
This ring is an “experiment” from a new collection using free form wax and casting the stones in place. Hot wax can form some truly beautiful shapes and casting the stones in place allows us to retain all of the original details. This ring was never intended to be sold but we felt it was so beautiful and unique that it needed to be worn and seen.

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