Checha Sokolovic

Ring of the Rising Sun
sterling silver, concrete, PVC
8.5 – 9
1 3/4″ x  2 1/4″ x 1/2″, 1.4″ band width
Artist Statement:
Influenced by my architectural background, I find inspiration in simplicity of bold geometric shapes and ubiquitous materials that I transform into wearable art. Through my jewelry, I wish to reveal a hidden beauty and elegance of everyday objects and unusual materials.

Ring of the Rising Sun is a part of a series “Sunsets, Moonsets and Occasional Sunrise”.
After years of working primarily in metal, cement and concrete I’ve decided to explore lighter, softer and more flexible materials. PVC brought not only lightness to my work but colors as well.
The Sun has always been my great inspiration. Translucent red PVC evokes memories of countless sunsets and a few sunrises I’ve seen. When hit by light it casts colorful shadow, which creates another dimension of the piece.
The ring is quite heavy. I recommend to be worn on a middle finger for best support and balance.

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