Catherine Grisez

Title of Ring:
Blue Skies Come Back Eventually
sterling silver, aquamarine
9 mm x 41 mm x 29 mm, 3mm band
Artist Statement:
I made this ring in response to the Coronvirus pandemic, the roller coaster of feelings it has brought, and a desire to channel that energy into something positive.

Blue Skies Eventually is inspired by the notion that no matter what kind of dark, diseased, or uncertain times we live in, eventually the storm breaks and we see blue skies (and hope) again.

I am a Seattle based artist, and founder of CG Sculpture and Jewelry. As the name suggests, I make sculpture and jewelry, primarily in metals but with a variety of techniques both ancient and modern. I place an emphasis on creating meaningful objects and visual mementos that connect people to life’s treasured moments.

My award winning work has been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally since 2001, featured in numerous magazines and books including Metalsmith, Sculpture, and American Craft, and 500 Metal Vessels by Lark Books.

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