Carolina Andersson

Hana (Flower in Japanese)
sterling silver, 24 K gold, freshwater pearl
45 mm x 38 mm, 6 mm band
Artist Statement:
I’m originally from Sweden, I now live here in the Pacific Northwest. I learnt the beautiful art of working precious metals in Milan, Italy, where I lived for a few years. I have been making jewelry for many years. This ring “Hana”, which means Flower in Japanese, started out from a pile of silver scraps sitting on my bench, which I melted and transformed into this ring. I couldn’t help making a “flower ring”, it is spring and beautiful flowers everywhere. The name “Hana” makes me think of travels to far away places – just dreaming for the time being- and remembering travels I have made in the past. This ring is hand fabricated, it is one of a kind and it is made of sterling silver, 24 K gold and a freshwater pearl. The technique used for attaching the gold is called Keum boo, I frequently use it in my pieces – because to me it is magic.

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