Ace McCasland

silver, citrine, bronze
focal approx. 2 inches wide. band width 18mm > 8 mm
Artist Statement:
Entangle – an opportunity to cast your net into the unknown, and see what the hell happens. The ring I offer here is about taking a risk without any hesitation or concern for failure or rejection. Embrace the unknown, especially in this day rife with uncertainty, and power forward into uncharted waters. change is inevitable, cast your net, and be prepared for whatever you may pull out of those murky waters.
My name is Ace and I love to play with fire. I discovered metalsmithing within the last ten years, and life couldn’t be more exciting, challenging, or grand. I pour my life experiences into my creations. I’ve worked with racehorses, performed in a circus, driven and guided adventure travel buses throughout north america, hiked into (and out of) the grand canyon nine times, lived out of a 1972 Landcruiser for several years, rafted many rivers, disappeared into many desert canyons, and have never met a sunrise I didn’t like.

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