Aaron Stanley

Turquoise Leaf Ring M
turquoise, sterling silver, 14K yellow gold
1 1/4″
Artist Statement:
Aaron Stanley: I was in a catastrophic industrial accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. I looked for a job that I could do from a wheelchair and came across the Jewelry Design Certificate Program at North Seattle College with Lynne Hull. I graduated from this program and started making jewelry at a community metalsmith studio in Portland, Oregon called SmithPDX.
The ring: Everything is reclaimed! The two round turquoise cabochons came into my life as a turquoise bead. I cut the bead in half with a diamond cutoff wheel. Then melted a combination of sterling silver scrap, broken necklaces, and a spoon. I then milled a verity of sheet and wire to create this split band ring with two turquoise cabochons and various design elements. To finish the design and give a small variation of color I melted a small broken 14K yellow gold earring into a round ball granulation and nested it snugly between the two stones.

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