Tool and Supply List

We carry an assortment of tools and supplies in our shop. Inventory and pricing varies, please email for availability, pricing, or to place an order. New items may not be listed on the website yet.

If you’re enrolled in one of our evening or Sunday classes and unable to shop during business hours, we’re happy to take email orders. We’ll email a custom purchase link for your order and have the items ready when you arrive to class or at a pre-arranged day and time and date.

Anvil, double horn, rectangle base
Anvil, Double Horn, Round Base
Bench block steel 2 1/2″x2 1/2″
Bench block steel 4″x4″x1/2″
Bench Block, rubber 4″x4″
Bench pin and anvil, clamp on
Bench pin w/screw mounted holder
Bezel roller
Brass Hand Brush
Broach set 6-piece
Buff, muslin, shellac center
Buff, satin finish, red fine
Bur set, cup
Bur set, round
Bur set, stone setting
Burnisher 1″ curved
Burnisher, agate knife
Center locator
Center punch, auto
Charcoal block, hard
Charcoal block, soft
Crucible holder
Crucible melting dish 7.5oz
Degree gauge
Divider 3″ w/replaceable tips
Draw tongs, 8″
Drawplate 39 hole 2.8-0.26
Drawplate, square holes
File handle, screw on, wood
File, Grobet half round ring
Files, needle set, 6 piece cut 2
Finger gauge, wide
Flexible Shaft Machine
Flexshaft foot pedal, premium variable speed
Flexshaft hanger w/clamp
Flexshaft mandrel set, 1 each: snap, screw, split
Flexshaft mini mandrel 3/32″ shank
Flexshaft snap-on mandrel 3/32″shank
Flexshaft split mandrel 3/32″shank
Graphite Stir Rod
GRS Inside Ring Holderfor Vises
GRS Micro Ball Vise
Kiln Brick 4.5″x3″x9″
Lazy Susan Kit, Bearings & 4 screws
Loupe, 10x aluminum
Mandrel, hoop earring
Mandrel, ring 1-15 plain
Mandrel, Wolf sanding, large
Mandrel, Wolf sanding, set of 3
Optivisor 2X at 10″
Pin vise, double ended
Prong Pusher
Punch Set, 1/8″ number/letter
Ring clamp, wooden
Ruler, 6″ steel
Screwdriver set, 6-piece
Scribe, double tip replace
Sliding gauge, brass
Solder pick
Soldering board, honeycomb 6″x6″
Solderite board, 12×12
Solderite board, 6×6
Tool handle, french
Torch Mate electronic lighter
Tripod 9″ w/ mesh screen
Tube cutting jig
Tweezer cross lock straight
Tweezer, 6.5″ fiber grip
Tweezer, negative lock
Tweezer, nickel mm
Tweezer,copper pickling
Vise, miter cutting vise
Vise, revolving mini bench vise
Xuron shear, non-serrated

Pliers & Cutters
Cutter Carbide 5 1/2″
Cutter, double flush
Cutter, tapered flush
Plier, bending flat/half round
Plier, chain nose
Plier, flat nose
Plier, flat/half round w/nylon
Plier, nylon jaw
Plier, nylon jaw bracelet
Plier, parallel hole punch
Plier, parallel smooth jaw flat
Plier, round nose
Plier, round/flat nose
Pro Shear
Replacement Nylon Jaws w/Screw

Ballpein hammer economy
Ballpein hammer supreme 4oz
Ballpein hammer supreme 8oz
Brass hammer 1 lb brass
Brass Hammer with 20oz head
Chasing hammer, economy
Chasing hammer, German style
Fretz 75mm Wide Raising Hammer
Fretz classic chasing hammer
Fretz Double Ended InsertHammer
Fretz Goldsmithing Hammer
Fretz planishing hammer
Fretz Planishing Hammerw/ inserts – single end
Fretz Precision Chasing Hammer
Fretz Sharp Texture/RaisingHammer
Fretz Small Embossing Hammer
Hammer, nylon wedge
Planishing hammer – flat/domed
Rawhide mallet 1 1/2″ size 2
Rawhide mallet 1″ size 0
Rivet hammer, economy
Riveting hammer round face
Riveting hammer square face

Cut lube
CZs, round, 3 each: 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2mm
Drill Bit Mix Pack#51, #55, #59, #65, #67
Drill bit twist HSS #55
Drill bit twist HSS #59
Drill bit twist HSS #65
Drill bit twist HSS #67
Drill bit twist HSS#51
Dust mask N95
Flux Brush
Flux, superior #601
Gosiba Oxidizer
Pickle – Nature’s Touch Citric 200 grams
Pumice wheel square edge-fine
Pumice wheel square edge-med
Pumice wheel, knife edge fine
Pumice wheel, knife edge med
Sandpaper Pack 180, 220, 400, 600
Saw frame 4″ German (PB6)
Sawblades #2
Sawblades 2/0
Sawblades 4/0
Sawblades 6/0
Sawblades spiral was 2/0
Separating Disc Packsilicon carbide, 7/8″, pack of 10
Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker
Snap on discs, mix of 12 (coarse, med, fine)
Sunshine polishing cloth

Brass sheet 20 GA
Brass Sheet 22 GA
Brass Solder
Copper sheet 20 GA
Copper sheet 22GA
Nickel wire 20 gauge- 10′
Silver Bezel – 1/4″ 1 ft, plain
Silver Bezel – 1/8″ 1 ft, plain
Silver Bezel – 3/16″ 1 ft, plain
Silver Bezel – 3/32″ 1 ft, plain
Silver Sheet 22GA 2″x3″
Silver Sheet 24GA 2″x3″
Silver Tubing Large OD 4.57mm, ID 3.48mm
Silver Tubing Medium OD 3.56mm, ID 2.54mm
Silver Tubing Small OD 2.57mm, ID 1.55mm
Silver Tubing X-Large OD 5.61mm, ID 4.34mm
Stainless Steel Wire 20g, 6 inches
Stainless Steel Wire 22g, 6 inches
Sterling Silver Sheet 18g 2″x3″
Sterling Silver Sheet 20g 2″x3″
Sterling Silver Wire 10g1 foot
Sterling Silver Wire 12g1 foot
Sterling Silver Wire 14g3 feet, .68oz
Sterling Silver Wire 16g3 feet, .40oz
Sterling Silver Wire 18g3 feet, .25oz
Sterling Silver Wire 20g10 feet, .53oz
Sterling Silver Wire 4g 2 inches
Sterling Silver Wire 6g 4 inches
Sterling Silver Wire 8g 1 foot

Chain & Findings
Chain, .9mm Drawn Fine Cable, Sterling Silver
Chain, 1.3mm Flat Oval Cable, Sterling Silver
Chain, 1.7mm, Flat Cable Gold Fill
Chain, 1.9mm Heavy Cable, Sterling Silver
Chain, 2.3mm, Flat Cable, Sterling Silver
Chain, Drawn cable, flat, Sterling, 2.1mm
Clasp, lobster, Sterling 5X10.7mm, 3.7mm closed jump ring
Clasp, spring ring, 2pk Gold Fill 5.5mm 1.3mm ID, closed
Clasp, spring ring, 5pk Sterling 5.5mm 1.3mm ID, closed
Earring Post and Clutch (two pairs of earrings)
Tie Tack and Clutch Set of 2

Wax and Wax Tools
Alcohol lamp w/1/2″ wick
Carver set, scoop, set of 2
Carver, swivel, wax blade
Carver, wax/wood bur 12pc w/stand
Carving kit deluxe 12 piece
Max Wax Pen
Step mandrel, double-sided
Wax Carving Blocks Blue (PB6) Med-Hard, 1/2 lb sliced
Wax Carving Blocks Dark Green(PB6) Hard, 1/2 lb sliced
Wax file double ended 8″ economy
Wax file set 6 piece, 5 1/2″
Wax, ring tube blue-lg ctr hole(PB6)
Wax, ring tube blue-lg rd solid(PB6)
Wax, ring tube blue-med flat(PB6)
Wolf Relief Wax
Wolf Touch-Up Wax 1.5oz
Wolf Wax Sliced Assort. Gold

We have a variety of cabochons at a variety of prices. Some are cut by local gem cutters. Selection changes often.

Handmade Tools by Bill Dawson
We carry an assortment of Bills’ chasing punches, rivet sets, stakes, nylon punches, and center punches.

Book of Boxes and Lockets
Chasing and Repousse
Creative Metal Forming
Creative Stonesetting
Etruscan Granulation
Intro Precious Metals
Jewelry Illustration
PMC Technic
Practical Casting A Studio Reference
Practical Joining, Book
Professional Jewelry Making
The Complete Metalsmith-Professional Edition
The Complete Metalsmith-Student Edition