Zuzana Korbelarova

Title of Ring:
Atom Ring
sterling silver, white topaz
30 mm x 30 mm
Artist Statement:
I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Growing up in one of the most ancient cities of europe I have been surrounded by beautiful art and architecture, from the day I was born. In my adult life I found my home in the pacific northwest immersing myself in the rugged beauty of the outdoors and the unrestrained beauty of nature. I find that both of these contrasting surroundings influence my creative vision on a deep level. The organic , understated beauty of nature, the feminine gentleness is contrasted by a touch of industrial, masculine, manmade in the jewelry I create.
This ring is channelling my architectural streak for sure with its geometric design and straight lines. There is a tiny gem hidden on the bottom, a small private surprise for the wearer.

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