Shelby Cramer

sterling silver, 24k gold foil
2″, 3/16″ tapered band
Artist Statement:
This cocktail ring is a hand-forged hollow form dome framing a succulent cast in sterling silver. The succulent is visible through a small window in the dome, and depending on how the ring is worn, it is visible only to the wearer.

Using 24k gold foil and the keum boo technique, I gilded a flare radiating from the center of the window. I then oxidized the entire piece followed by some texturing to make the lines between gold and silver less distinct. This ring is an artistic representation of my journey to find something soft and tender inside myself. And that softness is often only perceived by myself and sometimes obscured by other, perhaps darker emotions. Finding and embracing this vulnerability scares me, but growth is often terrifying.

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