Nesibe Evcin

Spiral Of Absence / Yokluk Sarmalı
copper, enamel
0.5 cm band
Artist Statement:
My biggest passion is jewelry. I am a glass jewelry designer. I also love working with new techniques and materials. I am currently studying jewelery design as the second university.
My work is generally based on my own research. This time, I designed this ring as a result of my research on enameling techniques. I try many materials and styles. My work is more experimental and about finding myself. I try to produce original products independently. This model is quite plain. Despite the shortcomings in my workshop, it was a product I could produce. Under normal circumstances, I was using the school’s workshop. My facilities were limited due to Covid-19. That’s why I named the ring Spiral Of Absence. Nothing can prevent you from producing and imagining. I still continue to produce by combining my imagination with the possibilities I have.
Best Regards;
Nesibe EVCİN

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