Melissa Scoppa

Sundial Ring
sterling silver, 18K yellow gold
18 mm lid, 4 mm band
Artist Statement:
My handmade jewelry incorporates the use of symbolism surrounding topics like time, memory, identity and the feeling of protection or empowerment while wearing it. The Sundial is a beautifully simple instrument used to tell time based upon the shadow that is cast by the sun onto the face of the dial. It is one of the earliest tools used to measure time and although it has been replaced by advances in technology, it continues to be a symbol of the fleeting nature of time and is often engraved with a sundial motto making reference to that. This ring was inspired by the podcast S-Town which tells a complex and emotional story of the life of antiquarian horologist and clockmaker, John B. McLemore. I love the idea of wearing jewelry that is a tangible reminder of the most precious gift of time.

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