Barbara McLaughlin

18K gold, oxidized sterling silver, black opal doublet, blue topaz, pink sapphire
1″ x 1″, 1/8″ band
Artist Statement:
Babs work is all about rich textures and gorgeous gems. When I saw the black opal It reminded me of the photo’s the Hubble Space Telescope has taken of various glaxay’s. Oh by the way, I work on the program at Perkin-Elmer who designed and built the Hubble. First with the Fine Guidance team as there Biz manager, later as the NASA laision person. Any way, the swirls and fire in the opal spoke to me. I chose a pink sapphire to draw attension to the fire, while the blue topaz was to cool down that fire. The 18K gold balls are use to create neutral zone between all the stones. You will notice that even the back of the setting has a leaf texture, reticulated silver for the platform and a knife edge blacksmith hammer on the shank. Any way, who wouldn’t want to wear a ring with much much fire.

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