Arielle Brackett

Pacific Northwest Ferns
brass, silver
Artist Statement:
Arielle Brackett is a metalsmith and mixed media artist based in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA in metals at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2017. She is currently teaching metalsmithing at Multnomah Art Center. Brackett received two scholarships to paint in Le Barroux, France and Grand Junction, Colorado. In May 2016, Brackett was granted a full ride scholarship to attend a workshop at Penland School of Craft. Brackett was recently published in “Jams 2018,” and is awaiting another book publication in “Art is Connection.” Brackett participated in “Exhibition in Motion,” in Chicago in May and “Shift” in Portland, Oregon in October.
My ring is inspired by the abundant ferns in the Pacific Northwest forests. While being sheltered in place, I’ve been taking daily neighborhood walks. Each walk I find a new plant or garden that catches my eye. Lately I’ve been noticing the varieties of large beautiful ferns in peoples’ gardens. I collected fern specimens and made a sun.

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