Anne Wolf

Title of Ring:
Precarious Moorings
sterling silver, copper, kuroshibuichi (mokume gane)
1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
Artist Statement:
I have been working in mokume gane (layered metals) since 2007, doing my own fusing and patterning in my San Diego studio. Usually my mokume gane rings are quiet, symmetrical, timeless objects. But we are not in normal times. I’ve enjoyed this opportunity to create a ring that reflects the emotions of the time – unsettled, unmoored. I am sheltering at home like everyone else who can; hiding in the safe haven of my studio. But there is a precarious quality to life now, never knowing what the next day’s news cycle will bring, wondering if that sniffle is something to worry about. Somehow that also makes every day and experience more precious.

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