#2 Basic Metalsmithing Kit Details

Basic Metalsmithing Kit contains:
bench pin and anvil
sandpaper pack 180, 220, 400, 600
parallel hole punch plier
needle file set, 6 piece cut 2
Sharpie ultra Fine Point
scribe, double tip
Pro Shear
rawhide mallet 1″ size 0
chasing hammer
riveting hammer round face
saw frame 4″
cut lube
2/0 sawblades, 2 dozen

optional metal:
(choose from drop-down menu below)
3” x 6” 20g copper and brass sheet, one each
3’ 16g sterling wire for rivets

Suggested supplemental items:
(student must dig it out of a closet or purchase elsewhere)
paint stirring stick or similar

If you’d like your bench pin notched, let us know.