The Alchemist’s Workshop

Gold rings with faceted stones, Jim Dailing, The Alchemist’s Workshop, ALCH
  • Instructor: Jim Dailing
  • three days Friday-Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $490

This workshop focuses on the marvels and splendor of gold, a material long treasured among jewelers and patrons alike. Starting with pure gold you will learn to alloy multiple karats and colors of yellow gold, melt and pour ingots and mill your newly alloyed gold to create sheet, bezel material and wire. Having the gold you want when you need it will free you from the constraints of what you have on hand and save you money in the long-run. Additionally you will learn fusing and soldering for each type of gold created and to fabricate a simple band with a structural tapered tube bezel for a faceted gemstone that you will learn to set if time permits. This is an intermediate to advance level workshop. Students must have basic metal working skills to attend. $30 Materials Kit Fee Payable to Instructor Intermediate class, Basic metal working skills required

  • Intermediate class, Basic metal working skills required
Students Must Bring:
  • -$30 materials fee payable to instructor
    -Students bring as much pure gold (24kt) as they can afford and want to bring, a full ounce is recommended but ½ ounce will work. The more gold you have, the more alloying options and fabricating you'll be able to complete in class. Jim suggests purchasing the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Buffalo, or pure gold casting grain. Here is the link for Rio Grande’s website for the casting grain:
    -A European compressed charcoal block (available in the studio store)
Students May Bring:
  • Basic fabrication hand-tools (we have all of this in the studio but yours are always better):
    -Jeweler’s saw and blades
    - files
    -sanding sticks/pads/paper
    -Optics for close up work is suggested