The Tiara Show – Crowing Glory

Crowning Glory: Ruling our own destinies, directing our own paths

March 1-31, 2018

Opening Reception March 2, 6:8:30 with live models!

Chief, Queen, Tsar, Kaiser, Monarch, Caliph. The words conjure images of power and pageantry, impressive jewels, and imposing headdresses, crowns, and tiaras. Thought history ruling over others usually meant belonging to the” right” family and class – and displaying the associated billing that demonstrated with sparking intensity their wealth, power, and good taste.

In today’s turbulent times, Crowing Glory explores the symbol of rule, and puts it squarely on the head of every viewer, every citizen, and every identity. The creators of these pieces embrace diverse cultural, artist, historic and social narratives to celebrate our own power, as well as tackling the engineering challenges of creating crows that will fit ad stay on the head!