Jewelry Project Calendar


The New Year can bring renewed energy for fresh endeavors. I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head for a while now and it’s time has come! As I considered how to present my idea to you, it occurred to me, it might be fun to do it together.


Essentially, the idea is to create a jewelry project calendar, a physical calendar with images and instructions, laid out with weekly assignments for a beginning jewelry student to build skills over the course of a year.  Beginning with simple projects, and becoming increasingly challenging, and tool intensive over time, this “calendar” will include links to instructions and videos and, of course, it will be fun! My working title is, The Jewelry Project Calendar (not very fun, but like I said, it is a working title).


So, how can YOU get involved?  Well, a huge part of this venture is going to be creating projects and documenting the process. If you are a jewelry student, you can follow along on Instagram/FB and YouTube, as we create content: projects and tips focused on jewelry making. Follow @danacadesignstudio or #danacaJPC (for the specific project) and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Danaca Design Studio.


If you are a more seasoned jewelry maker, you can contribute content by hash tagging it #danacaJPC

I cannot guarantee your project will end up in the final edition of our 2024 calendar, but it could, with your permission and full credit.


To be honest, this is all new to me but along with the new year comes personal challenges, and if I can overcome the dread of hearing my own voice recorded, that alone will be a hurdle worth striving for! Carpe Diem! I look forward to your feedback.

In the meantime check out our current classes HERE!