May Classes

We have three great opportunities coming up in May! In these classes you can learn to work in steel, create beautifully textured objects, or carve waxes for stones. Learn more below.

Intro to Wax Carving for Stones
Instructor: Maru Almeida
May 2, 9, 16 June 6 and 13, Monday nights, 6:00 – 9:30 (2 weeks off for casting)
Wax is a wonderfully versatile material; it is easily shaped and even melted! This opens up many design possibilities for jewelry making. It also makes it an ideal medium to create settings for colorful gemstones. In this class, we will explore different approaches, both subtractive and additive (carving and melting) to create custom fit settings for your gemstones. We will work with bezels for both cabochons and round faceted gemstones as well as exploring organic and stylized prongs with other fun modifications. If you already have experience working with wax, this will give you the understanding and confidence to add gemstones to your designs. No previous experience is necessary for the class although some metal working experience might come in handy. After three classes of wax working, your wax models will be cast in metal and then returned for 2 more class sessions (there is a 2 week break for casting). The last two sessions will focus on the casting cleanup, stone setting techniques and final finishing.
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Fundamentals of Steel Jewelry
Instructor: Maia Leppo
May 6-8: Friday – Sunday, three days, 10am – 4pm
In this course for working in mild steel, students will explore the basics of utilizing steel sheet and wire as fundamental jewelry components, as well as simple prong settings. Basic fabrication, proper soldering, and appropriate finishing techniques for steel will all be covered to create finished jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and brooches. This course is ideal for anyone looking to grasp the basics of steel working on a jewelry scale.
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Creative Surface Development 
Instructor: Andy Cooperman 
May 23 – 27, Monday – Friday, 5 days, 10:00 – 5:00 
Our world is covered in surfaces that inform and delight us. In fact, next to form, surface may be what most defines an object and gives it depth, character and history. But we come to rely on a handful of basic textures rather than developing more sophisticated solutions. This workshop is designed to fix that.
The goal is to dive deep and look at surface as a layering of processes, developing something more complex and rich than the simple one-and-done.
Through play (it’s not a dirty word) and experimentation, we’ll develop a series of samples, each accompanied by detailed notes so that the surface can be replicated and ultimately become a part of a visual vocabulary.
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