chasing and repousse hydraulic press corwin

Die Forming and Chasing for Multiples and Hollow Forms

Die forming is an exciting and simple way to make three-dimensional multiple forms that can be representational or abstract, with intricate surface texture and great modeling. In this workshop students will learn to use the hydraulic press and non-toxic PVC hand-hammered dies to create the raised parts. Then, using pitch (pine resin and non-toxic additives) as a support, add surface textures and more three-dimensional forms for a unique, entirely your own, design. You will come away with a couple of dies and lots of die-formed pieces that you can continue to work in your own or shared studio.

Copper will be the material of choice for samples, but those with prior experience in chasing and repoussé should feel free to work in silver. This class is process-oriented and students will come away with several samples. It is possible to make elements for finished pieces as well.

Some materials included, $10 materials fee payable to instructor cash or check