Cuttlefish Bone Casting: Beyond Texture

Cuttlefish bone casting is an ancient means of creating cast objects however you may be surprised by the versatility possible with a few good tricks.  Create rings with stone settings, findings, and finished work without all the equipment required for lost wax casting. Its low cost and convenience make it great for a small studio and those on a budget. It’s fun, fast and affordable!  Until the invention of vulcanized rubber for lost wax, the expert carving of cuttlebone was an excellent way to reproduce designs. Participants will discover the immediacy of casting with cuttlefish bone, the texture it can create, and how to use it to create multiples by making simple models. Demonstrations will include how to create a multiple part mold for the 3-dimensional casting of a ring with a stone setting, links, and an ingot mold for blanks as well as prong, bezel, and tube stone settings. Students may bring any sterling silver scrap to recycle by casting. All levels.

Basic materials included