Battle of the Rings 2020 Teams & Brackets

Vote for your favorites on Instagram @danacadesignstudio June 1- 30, 2020

64 fantastic rings have been selected to battle online in our RING SMACKDOWN 2020. The rings have been drafted into two teams: The Shanks and The Mandrels! See a quick look at the teams and matches below. All voting happens online, at the Danaca Design Studio Instagram account, @danacadesignstudio. New matches are be posted daily, up to four per day at 9:00 am (pacific time) each morning.

Voting happens through our Instagram stories. In the Instagram app, tap the flower above our account name to find them. You can pick your favorite by tapping “TOP” or “BOTTOM” in the poll. You can click on the links in the Instagram post to view more pictures and information about each ring. The story can matter! View the daily matches HERE!

One Ring to Rule them All; May the Best Ring Win!



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