Suzanne Rogge

Rainbow at Four Corners Silver, Gold and Opal Ring
fine silver, 23.5K gold, 18K gold, 1.75 ct Lightening Ridge semi-black opal
3/8” x 7/8”
Artist Statement:
The Rainbow at Four Corners ring is a play on contrasts: symmetry vs. asymmetry, rough vs. refined, light vs. dark, odd vs. even, round vs. square and so on. One round exquisite semi-black opal from Lightening Ridge, Australia, sits off center on a four cornered shank which was hand carved in wax and cast into fine silver. Offsetting the illuminated rainbow colors within the opal is the ancient Korean Keum Boo treatment of the ring where irregular dark oxidized areas alternate with splashes of brilliant 23.5kt fused gold. Teeth marks from the file used to carve the wax were purposely left to give the ring interesting texture; however, the 18kt solid gold bezel setting for the opal was polished smooth to a high shine.

I have been a metalsmith going on 12 years now, and I never get tired of wielding my torch and tools as well as learning new processes. Making jewelry is primal to me as I started when I was very young. I make ongoing donations to nonprofit from my jewelry sales.

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