Lisa Markowitz

sterling silver
45 mm x 40 mm, 15 mm band
Artist Statement:
As an organic art jeweler, I am inspired and rejuvenated by Spring and all that she has to offer. Each year presents so many new possibilities and so much growth. The passage of Spring in my garden is marked by the emergence of my majestic irises. Their fragile watercolor petals delicately juxtapose against their strong proud stems. They look so defenseless against a mere gust of wind, and yet they prevail for 2-3 weeks, center stage and so proud. They bring me so much joy!

Trying to capture this beauty and fragility in sheet silver was definitely a challenge! Each petal was form folded, hand engraved, formed, pierced, sculpted, and soldered into an iris flower. My rendition was a humble attempt and lesson in truly appreciating nature and her infinite forms.

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