Karin Luvaas

Title of Ring:
Extended Holiday
14k gold, Montana sapphire, white diamond, ocean jasper, sterling silver
5.5 mm tall, 1.6 mm x 1.5 mm band
Artist Statement:
This sterling silver ring has a secret to tell and it’s only for you to hear. This Montana Sapphire nestled in 14k gold and set in ocean jasper tells the world that you’re a down to earth gal with refined taste. But a unique and specially crafted design waits for you on the back side of this ring, where an organic pattern frames a gorgeous white diamond that gleams as bright as your smile. Don’t tell your girlfriends. They’ll be envious!
Inspired by color and natural gemstones, Karin Lee Luvaas’s fine jewelry line incorporates design, lapidary, hand fabrication, CAD, 3D printing, casting, and stone setting. While others may outsource some of these steps, Karin believes a deep understanding of the full intricacies of jewelry creation from concept to completion is integral to her work. She therefore performs all of these steps by hand.

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