Dorn Williston

Title of Ring:
Argentium silver, 14K yellow gold
13.73 mm tall, 2.42 mm to 2.65 mm tapered band
Artist Statement:
Being a nature lover, my focus in making jewelry centers around flowers—daffodils, Sakura, dogwood—and other things in nature. Most of the flowers are about the size of a dime. And since I like sparkle, I incorporate sapphires, diamonds, melange garnets, tsavorites and other sparkly gems.

The Buttonshroom ring is made of argentium silver and yellow 14k droplets soldered onto a circle and then domed. The underneath has wire soldered to a domed disk, which is then soldered to the top of the mushroom. The band and stem of the shroom are made from scrap wire melted together.

Made this so that the wearer could use it to push buttons on elevators, etc. to help keep their hands clean.

I love this shroom and plan on making a collection to include earrings, pendants and charm bracelets.


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