Christopher Gerber

Title of Ring:
Shiny (odd)Ball
sterling silver, brass, cubic zirconia
7 1/4
38 mm x 38 mm x 75 mm, 4mm band
Artist Statement:
A little out of the ordinary compared to what I normally create, but such is the times! I absolutely love process, technique, and complex planning. This ring ticks all three of those boxes! Rather playful, with some elegance and poise sprinkled in, this ring will be at home in all environments: as an upgrade to twiddling your thumbs, as the centerpiece to that socially distanced disco party you’ve been planning, or as the “pièce de résistance” of that outfit that you’ll don when we can all socialize once again.
Chris Gerber is a bench jeweler and metalsmith practicing in Seattle, WA. He loves pizza, playing in the mountains, and making tiny-shiny’s in his studio.

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