Aleena Derohanian

To a Future that Never Was
sterling silver, amethyst, acrylic, enamel
height 44.8 mm, band width (outside diameter) 22 mm
Artist Statement:
My name is Aleena Derohanian and I am an undergraduate student studying jewellery design and silversmithing at OCAD University, in Toronto, Canada. My jewellery style is inspired by post-modern maximalist interior design, embracing thematic influences from the realms of pop culture, nostalgia, dreamscapes, and psychedelia. The result is a combination of traditional silversmithing techniques and avant-garde approaches to material explorations framed in a contemporary, art-jewellery practice.
The ring I’ve created illustrates and celebrates Matti Suuronen’s Futuro House. A marker of the late sixties, these portable, pod like homes consisted of a plexiglass exterior and a radially symmetrical interior. The ring I’ve created aims to celebrate what was most astonishing and beautiful about these round structures. The blue pod, orange acrylic, and bright amethysts pay tribute to Suuronen’s bold colour and material choices. In this ring, the blue pod can slide back and forth on the acrylic.


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