Temporary Storefront Closure

temporary closure storefront

I had two epiphanies last night. Is that even possible in one night??

First: you will NOT die if you run out of saw blades or solder. You are creative people, you’ll l just find something else to do. However, you might actually die if you go out shopping… PROBABLY NOT but hey, I don’t want to be the vector that infects you or vice versa!! After all, my shop is the kind of place you want to hang-out in and I’m pretty sure the governor would prefer you didn’t. Therefore, after far too much deliberation, I’m closing-up the shop. I will aim to reopen the storefront Saturday, April 4.

Second: at this time, the most effective way to beat this Coronavirus is to get out of its way. Truthfully this was not an epiphany. My mom has told me this several times. I guess I finally heard her.

Thanks so much for all your supportive messages and to those of you who have shopped online in our gallery! Gallery.danacadesign.com will remain open for business.  And now you can purchase gift cards online which can be used for anything and everything we sell in the studio: jewelry, tools, supplies and classes.

If this effort to flatten the curve is to be successful, we all have to participate.

Please take care of yourselves (but don’t hoard!!) and keep in touch. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the other side of this crazy reality.

Stay safe, CALM, and CLEAN!