Powder Coating With or Without the Gun

Powdered Plastic that fuses into a glassy plastic surface in a home toaster oven? Yes, it can be done with or without the gun! We will use both sifter and gun to play with color and demystify powder coating! Easy, quick and inexpensive powder coat is a fun way to add color to many surfaces. If you love adding color to your work this is another tool in your toolbox. Not just for cars or metal, powder coat can be applied to wood or any material that can tolerate heat. In addition to basic application we will explore creating forms with readily available silicone molds and for those interested we will construct simple silicone custom molds. We will also make a set of color samples of the different types of powder coat available (transparent, opaque, texture and fleck – the "glitter" used on cars). Basic metalworking skills is helpful for cutting metal shapes to coat but not necessary. Materials included


  • Basic metalworking skills helpful but not necessary (for cutting metal shapes to powder coat)
Materials Included:
  • -A facemask for particulates
    -A selection of appox. 15 colors of powder coat in a variety of opacity and textures
    -A variety of metal scrap and pre-cut shapes to practice with
    -Steel wire to fabricate pin backs
Students May Bring:
  • -Respirator (MUST! bring if using the gun)
    -Pre-cut pieces of metal, chain, or metal found objects that can tolerate 450 degrees to experiment with
    -An apron
    -Silicone baking mats and other silicone baking forms (i.e. cupcake wrappers and candy molds), smooth-on silicone mold making material
    -Leather gloves if you have them (for handling and manipulating hot forms)