Surface-Setting Faceted Stones

  • Instructor: Jim Dailing
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:30-5:00

Transform any simple piece of jewelry with the sparkle and color of faceted gemstones! This two-day workshop will involve lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on time exploring the possibilities in surface-setting faceted stones. Jim Dailing, a master goldsmith, will cover flush setting, bead, pave, and channel setting. Jim also caters to the class frequently demonstrating techniques on demand such as a tapered tube setting and remarkably efficient wax carving.  Time will be spent looking at different cuts and working qualities of stones that should be considered during the setting process. Prerequisites: This is an intermediate-to-advanced level workshop. Basic materials included

  • This is an intermediate-to-advanced level workshop.
Materials Included:
  • -A variety of faceted stones and sheet brass to make samples
Students May Bring:
  • -2mm thick and 4-5mm wide sterling ring or a flat sterling silver piece at lease 14 gage thick to practice setting stones into.
    -Additional magnification is advised!
    -18 g sheet sterling, small piece to make tapered tube setting if desired
    -Stone setting burs
    -GRS system, the studio has bracket at every bench