Production Solutions and Jigs

Tool Tips and tricks

This workshop is designed to help jewelry makers become more efficient by creating easier paths to consistent results. When designing a production line or even a special project, jigs and systems made from common objects and easy to obtain materials, can dramatically reduce effort. We will address altering common tools and how to use hand tools already in your tool box to hold, shape, fold, stretch, cut, and bend in ways you might not have thought of. Bring your ideas and projects that pose repetitive challenges and together we’ll find an easiest way!  Students are also invited to scrounge through their junk drawers, studio and goodwill, for material that will become indispensable future tools!

Tool Tips and tricks
Jigs, Tool Tips and Tricks

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Students Must Bring:
  • Things like: dowels, bits of wood, tubing, clothes pins, Jett set, plastic scraps (like yogurt containers,) steel pins or broken drill bits, plexiglass, wood and old white plastic cutting boards, and old or broken tools (like bent round nose pliers).