Potent Pair – Form & Color

The ability of color to manipulate the viewer's perception of and response to form will be discussed and experimented with in this three day workshop with renowned artist Helen Shirk. The workshop will include demonstrations of 3D hammer forming processes (like you have never seen before), texturing, attachment, and methods of surface coloration including prismacolor pencils, chemicals, and paint. Students will work in copper to develop combinations of form and color that give power and presence to their metalwork. Helen Shirk is Professor of Art Emerita at San Diego State University where she taught from 1975-2010. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to learn from a rock star! Some materials included

Materials Included:
  • -24 gauge copper sheet for patina samples 2@3x5 (more available in studio store)
    -20 gauge copper sheet for bowl sample 1@6x6
    -Misc sized copper and brass wire
    -Paper mist mask (dust mask)
    -Tracing paper
    -Card stock for patterns/models
    -Masking tape in various widths
    -Cupric nitrate, technical grade (for patina)
    -Ferric nitrate, technical grade (for patina)
    -Flux and solder if needed
Students Must Bring:
  • -20 - 18 gauge copper sheet approx 6x12 (available in studio store) or pre cut patterns (patterns provided)
    -Large sketch book and soft drawing pencils
    -Fine tip sharpie - black
    -Abrasive paper 220, 320, and 400 (available in studio store)
    -Drill bits # 60-55 (available in studio store)
    -Saw blades (available in studio store)
    -Prismacolor pencils, a variety of color - not watercolor pencils)
    -Personal pencil sharpener
    -Krylon Clear Acrylic Matte Spray or similar brand
Students May Bring:
  • -Jeweler saw 5" depth or larger
    -12" ruler
    -Hand metal shears
    -Needle pliers
    -Small mallet
    -Rivet hammer
    -Chasing tools and chasing hammer
    -Altered hammers for surface texture
    -Hammers: round and cross peen hammers
    -Press on letters various sizes
    -Additional 22 - 18 gauge copper sheet for samples (available in studio store)
    -Additional round copper wire