High Relief Eastern Repoussé

Learn the secrets used by the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Scythian metalsmiths to texturally sculpt metal into any shape or design to achieve exquisite detail, unsurpassed depth, and multiple levels of relief exclusive to this type of repousse. You will gain a working knowledge of the process which can be used on any scale whether wearable, functional, or sculptural. Participants will also be introduced to the possibilities of working with alternative materials, such as mokume gane and bi-metal.  Victoria Landsford has generated an exciting revival of nearly lost, old world metalsmithing techniques including high relief Eastern repoussé and Russian filigree. She will be vising us all the way from Atlanta, GA! All levels. Basic materials included, tool sets available to purchase from instructor cash or check

  • Level: Basic metalsmithing skills, students must know how to solder with a torch. No previous experience with repoussse or forging is necessary.
Materials Included:
  • -Copper sheet for projects
    -Van Aken brand Plastalina Modeling Clay
    -Pitch bowl and hammer to use during class
    -Victoria will provide one set of Eastern Repoussé tool for each student to use during the workshop (so you won’t have to make any tools). You will have the option to buy these sets at the end of class if you wish. Sets are $195/ea.
Students Must Bring:
  • -Easy silver solder (sheet or wire) if you would like to solder on any findings
    -2” x 3” sheet of 24 gauge sterling silver for ring (available in studio store)
Students May Bring:
  • -If you wish to purchase an optional tool set, please bring cash or check payable to instructor
    -You may opt to work in entirely in sterling, in which case a 3”x4” sheet is recommended
    -4” deep pitch bowl and stand with Medium Green Chaser’s Pitch (green pitch on top, at least)
    -Additional Medium Green Chaser’s Pitch in fist sized blob for placing on top of filled bowl
    -Chasing hammer
    -Rawhide mallet
    -Steel bench block
    -Ear plugs
    -Saw and 2/0 saw blades
    -Flat and Half round needle files
    -Flat and round nose pliers
    -Joyce Chen Shears or something equivalent in cut and comfort
    -Course, med, and high shine silicon knife edge wheels in 7/8” diameter