Fire, Forge and Flush-Stonesetting

This class will lead you on a journey filled with twists and turns to explore a variety of core metalsmithing skills that culminate with a finished silver ring. First, using either your own or purchased recycled sterling silver you will cast an ingot. Then with the help of the rolling mill along with hammers and an anvil, you will forge out a silver ring. Next, you'll practice flush setting faceted stones, getting ready for the real deal, setting stones into your hand-wrought silver ring. The class will be filled with tips and tricks for ingot making, forging and flush setting, including making your own setting tools. Open to all skill levels! $35 Materials fee payable to instructor, cash or check

Materials Included:
  • -Sterling silver casting grain and/or clean scrap to cast
    -3 & 4 mm round faceted CZs
    -Pin vises
    -Flush setting tool blanks (to make your own setting tools)
    -Setting and cone burs
Students Must Bring:
  • -$35 Materials fee payable to instructor, cash or check
Students May Bring:
  • -Additional sterling silver casting grain and/or clean scrap to cast an additional or larger ingot
    -3 or 4 mm Round faceted CZ's or other gemstones*
    *Please note soft or brittle stones like amethyst, citrine, topaz are much more difficult to set. Also many colored faceted stones are not cut evenly making them more difficult to set. Colored CZ's are the best solution to add color. They are hard and are generally evenly cut. Also the burs and the stones have to be matched perfectly. Finally, the stones can't be too deep, other wise the ring will have to be very thick to keep the point from poking out the bottom and scratching the finger. This is why we're only supplying 3 & 4 mm CZ's. They're the perfect size for a ring.