Fantastic Fold Forming!

  • Instructor: Bill Dawson
  • Saturday or Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $125

Fold forming is an exciting technique wherein sheet metal is manipulated and hammered to create fabulously textured, 3-dimensional, organic forms.  This is a relatively quick process, so students will have the opportunity to create a variety of basic forms as well as explore interrupted folds, texturing fold forms, and fold forming 3-D forms.  Students will cut, file, and practice annealing metal as well as develop a fundamental understanding of how to use a jeweler's hammer. This workshop is an excellent precursor to Anticlastic Forming offered later this year.  All levels. Basic materials included

Materials Included:
  • -Copper for a variety of samples will be provided
Students May Bring:
  • -24g Silver sheet (available in studio store)
    -Light weight leather work gloves