Faceted Stone Setting, Theory and Applications: Round Stones

Ring by Kirk Lang
  • Instructor: Kirk Lang
  • February 8 – 9, 2020
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am - 5:00pm
  • Class Fee: $460

This class is full. Please email dana@danacadesign.com to be added to the waitlist.

Setting faceted stones doesn’t have to be a daunting task. No…really! As long as you understand the unique characteristics of the gemstone you are working with, there is nothing to be intimidated by. This intermediate level stone-setting workshop will teach you how to set round faceted gemstones safely, securely and with confidence. Three settings will be covered in detail including prong, flush, and heavy-walled bezel setting. In addition, you will also learn the theory behind stone-setting, gemstone characteristics, how to make setting tools and how to design with beautiful gems in mind. Practice rings will be provided or you may choose to create your own piece of jewelry, incorporating the aforementioned setting styles. Beginning Series or equivalent experience required. Kit fee included in class fee.

  • Beginning Series or equivalent experience required.
Materials Included:
  • Material Kit Includes:
    -(2) 5mm round cubic zirconia
    -(1) 2mm round cubic zirconia
    -Round 4-prong wire basket setting (sterling silver)
    -Round heavy walled bezel setting (brass)
    -2 Ring blanks (brass)
    -1mm 3/32 shank twist drill
    -1.6mm 3/32 shank twist drill
    -1.6mm cup bur
    -3.2mm fine cut hart bur
    -4.5mm fine cut hart bur
    -2mm fine cut setting bur
    -5mm fine cut setting bur
    -(2) flex shaft mandrels
    -Felt wheel (for polishing)
    -Knife edge pumice wheel
    -Square edge pumice wheel
    -Beading tool (to be altered)
    -303 stainless steel rod (to be altered)
    -3 sanding drums of different grits (320, 600, 800)
    -Sticky wax
Students Must Bring:
  • -Sponge (to be cut into small squares)
    -Small metal container for sponge (like Altoid tin)
    -Soft bristle toothbrush
    -Bic lighter
    -Chain nose pliers (available in studio store)
    -Flush cut snips (available in studio store)
    -Fine tipped tweezers to hold small stones (available in studio store)
    -Selection of sawblades (#2/0, #2 or anything in that range is fine (available in studio store)
    -Visor w/magnification (optivisor or equivalent) (available in studio store)
    -Bulb blower (for camera lenses) or small can of compressed air
    -Digital calipers or brass slide gauge (brass available in studio store)
Students May Bring:
  • -GRS Benchmate with inside ring holder or Graverblock with inside ring holder
    -4” or 6” Digital Calipers
    -Pin Vise capable of holding 3/32 bur shanks (available in studio store)
    -10x magnification loupe (available in studio store)
    -Set of Cup burs (available in studio store)
    -Set of setting burs (available in studio store)
    -Set of fine cut heart burs
    -Set of round burs (available in studio store)
    -Flat graver (sharp with ~2mm wide tip)
    -Chasing hammer (available in studio store)
    -Hand file (medium coarseness) (available in studio store)
    -Set of needle files (available in studio store)
    -Replaceable tip divider (available in studio store)
    -Double tip carbide scribe (available in studio store)