Enameling Recycled Steel for Jewelry

  • Instructor: Melissa Cameron
  • Saturday and Sunday | 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Class Fee: $360

Are you the magpie always collecting pieces of rusty steel on the street? Are there bits of magnetic metal in your studio that you’ve tucked away, swearing that one day you’ll clean them up to make a masterpiece? Enameling is a great way to protect jewelery made from mild steel and is so easy to master. Bring your rusty recycled bits and bobs to Danaca Design in Seattle to learn the skills to turn these into beautiful and unique jewels. Some jewelry making and enameling experience helpful. Basic materials included

  • Some jewelry making and enameling experience helpful.
Materials Included:
  • -Liquid enamels
    -Dust masks
    -Mark making tools
Students Must Bring:
  • -A magnet (a fridge magnet is fine)
    -Recycled steel - steel from tin cans, scrap steel, washers, whatever!
    -Inexpensive paint brushes
    -Graphite pencil and markers (a selection of washable and permanent markers)
    -Any other steel you might want to enamel on – recycled or otherwise
    -N95 Dust Mask (available in studio store)
Students May Bring:
  • -Rubber stamps with stamp pads (can be used instead of markers)
    -Stringing thread or chain for pendants ie. silk/cotton cord and ribbon or thin sterling or steel chain.
    -Micron markers with brush ends