Die Forming for Multiples: The Wonders of the Hydraulic Press

Die forming for chasing and repoussé is the process of pressing or hammering metal into a cut out design in a hard, resistant material. The result is a puffed-out shape that can be repeated many times. The die can be flipped over and pressed from the other side as well for making hollow forms and reverse earrings. Die forming allows the chaser to create a repoussé form without punching it out by hand. The individual forms are easily chased to make them unique. Nancy Mēgan Corwin is an expert chasing and repoussé artist who specializes in die forming as part of her artwork and teaching. To get the most out of this two-day intensive, students must know the basics of chasing and repoussé, such as working in pitch and handling chasing hammers and tools. The teacher and the studio will supply variously shaped dies for use during class. Students will learn to use acrylic dies in the hydraulic press and non-toxic PVC dies for hand hammering the forms. Some materials included, $5-15 materials fee payable to instructor cash or check

  • Beginning or equivalent chasing experience
Materials Included:
  • -Sheet copper for producing samples
    -Use of studio tools including pitch bowls
Students Must Bring:
  • -$5-15 materials fee payable to instructor cash or check
Students May Bring:
  • -Personal pitch pot and tools
    -Additional sheet metal, 22 g recommended (available in studio store)