Cloisonné Enameling

The vivid color and unique beauty of enameling has been prized for centuries. Cloisonné, with fine lines of precious metal delineating patterns and images, is appreciated around the world. In this class you will learn to create a suitable design, bend and apply the cloisonné wires, apply multiple layers of enamel and fuse them in the kiln, and grind and flash-fire the finished enamel, thereby creating a gemlike image of lasting beauty. With diligence our goal is to end with a completed piece ready for setting.  This is a beginner level class, no experience necessary however basic enameling helpful. Basic materials included

  • Enameling Basics or equivalent experience is required.
Materials Included:
  • -2, 1" x 2" piece of 22 gauge, one fine silver, one copper (additional materials available in studio store)
    -Copper and fine silver cloisonné wire, 1' each (additional materials available in studio store)
    -Various enamel colors and other necessary tool and supplies
Students Must Bring:
  • -Drawing Paper
    -Extra Fine Sharpie Pen
    -N95 Dust Mask (available in studio store)
Students May Bring:
  • -Additional precut fine silver at least 22 gauge or heavier no larger than 1.5”
    -Your own lead free enamels for greater variety - samples sizes can be purchased from Thompsons
    -A Small pointed round brush about size 000-1
    -Small scissors for cutting wire
    -Micro tweezers
    -Needle tool
    -Color Pencils or Watercolors
    -Hand Towel
    -Magnifying glasses or optivisor if you need them