Clasps, Hinges, and Mechanisms

Stand away hinge, Richard Salley, Clasps, Hinges, and Mechanisms
  • Instructor: Richard Salley
  • Monday - Wednesday, 10:00-5:00
  • Class Fee: $490

Clasps, Hinges, and Mechanisms will be the focus of this three-day workshop. Students will learn to construct a variety of clasps that can be added to jewelry for a fully handcrafted closure to pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. No longer will you be limited by commercial catches for your creations. In addition, you will learn several techniques to taking the fear and loathing out of hinge making. Learn to construct perfectly aligned, no fail hinges. We will also delve into mechanism such as springs, gears, and locking devices that will add a new dimension to your jewelry designs. Prerequisites: basic metal working skill required.

  • Basic metal working skill required.
Materials Included:
  • Material KITS Include:
    Pre-cut, sterling silver pieces for the Box, Fold-Over, Spring, and ā€œCā€ clasp. Hinge parts for Cold rolled, Single knuckle, Stand-off, Sawed (also called Hidden Hinge) and Bead Hinge. Hinges will be made with copper or brass.
Students Must Bring:
  • Materials Kit Fee $25